Plugins > Core: Azureus platform-specific support

Azureus platform-specific support v1.24

Requires Vuze or higher.
This plugin has operating system specific versions available: Windows Mac OSX Linux etc.

Normally installed via auto-update.
This plugin contains platform-specific support for Azureus. For windows this includes file association support and Azureus.exe.
To manually install this plugin, unzip the files into the Azureus program location, ensuring that the OS-specific path within the ZIP file is removed.
Version Info:
1.27: Add description to Azureus.exe.
1.26: Update to latest version of exe4j.
1.25: Fix crash in 64 bit DLL.
1.24: Fix occasional crash on startup.
1.23: Support for preventing system suspend etc.
1.22: Pick up multiple concurrent drive disconnects.
1.21: Fix bug in drive detector logic.
1.20: Correct build error.
1.19: Update Azureus.exe to the latest version.
1.18: Support for enumerating attached drives.
1.17: Shell-exec support.
1.16: Use correct class loader to resolve callback classes.
1.15: Fixed ping function on windows.
1.14: Update to the Vista-ready Azureus.exe
1.13: Vista restart support.

1.12: Support for testing if dlls are loaded.
**** Note that Azureus will run as Azureus.exe NOT javaw.exe. This can require firewall configuration changes ****
1.11: File permissions support.
1.10: Better detection of log-off/closedown events.
1.9.1: Windows 'exe4j' launcher.
1.8: Support for enabling TOS.
1.7: Support for moving to recycle bin.
1.5: Include Azureus.exe + migrate from plugin 'azplatform'.
Plugin Version Minimum Vuze Version Required