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[Discouraged] Swing Web Interface v1.7.4

Released on 2019-03-07, 5 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
Use of this plugin is discouraged. Use Vuze Web Remote instead.
This plugin lets you control Azureus remotely via a browser. It requires Java in your browser.
For security it is advised that you set a username and password. HTTPS (SSL) access can also be configured.

Download the .zip file and unzip into your Azureus user directory (where 'azureus.config' is), or shared directory (where 'Azureus2.jar' is) into the following directory:


For example, on Windows the shared location is by default C:\Program Files\Azureus\plugins\webui, and the user location is C:\Documents and Settings\$user\Application Data\Azureus\plugins\webui.

Check you have done this correctly by looking for ".../plugins/webui/index.html"

Restart Azureus and configure the plugin via view->configuration->plugins->Swing Web Interface

Assuming you are using the default port, 6883, you can now run the web user interface by browsing to

You will need to configure any routers/firewalls to allow access to port 6883 if you intend to access it from 'outside'. Note that if you have a router that supports UPnP, Azureus will attempt to do this automatically.

To configure the webui with the console ui use the following parameters:

name                                     type
----                                     ----

Plugin.webui.Access                      string
Plugin.webui.Data Directory              string
Plugin.webui.Mode                        string
Plugin.webui.Password Enable             bool
Plugin.webui.Password                    password
Plugin.webui.Port:                       int
Plugin.webui.Protocol                    string
Plugin.webui.Sign Alias                  string
Plugin.webui.Sign Jars                   bool
Plugin.webui.UPnP Enable                 bool
Plugin.webui.User                        string
[Discouraged] Swing Web Interface
Version Info:
1.7.4: Fix to work with 5300_B02+.
1.7.3: Fix to work with 5100.
1.7.2: Fix to work with 4703_B51+.
1.7.1: Pairing support.
1.7.0: Support for Keep-Alive connections.
1.6.4: Autodetect applet/object launch method.
1.6.3: Workaround for IE Eolas Patent changes.
1.6: Pause/Resume function.
1.5.6: Fix to avoid dependency on nested class name format.
1.5.2: Added availability column.
1.4.22: HTML fixes and improvements from Tim Re-organised language files.
1.4.15: Updated Azureus logo.
1.4.8: Fix for re-ordering columns bug.
1.4.7: Torrent locale selection support, manual announce via context menu.
1.4.6: Fix for running on port http/80 and https/443.
1.4.5: Fix for 'view' mode and too wide status columns.
1.4.3: Run as standalone application via 'java -classpath Azureus2.jar;webui_x.y.z.jar org.gudy.azureus2.ui.webplugin.remoteui.applet.RemoteUIApplet server-url'.
1.4.2: Handle broken torrents.
1.4.1: Configurable upload data dir.
1.4.0: Torrent hosting support.
1.3.2: Signed jars.
1.3.1: native clipboard support.
1.3: moved classes out of core into plugin.
1.2.4: access IP range support.
1.2.3: HTML reworked.
1.2.1: upload of URL from HTML control; fixed java_archive for netscape EMBED.
1.2: CSS added
Plugin Version Minimum Vuze Version Required