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Vuze Web Remote v0.6.5

Released on 2017-01-19, 7 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
Author: ,
This plugin supports the Vuze Web Remote interface.
Configure via options->plugins->Vuze Web Remote.
Version Info:
0.6.5: Added az_content_port.
0.6.4: Subscription-set.
0.6.3: Fix to work with 5731_B24+.
0.6.2: Added messaging system.
0.6.1: Subscription RPC fix.
0.6: Subscription support.
0.5.15: Fix search timeouts
0.5.14: Don't XML escape fields when not talking to a browser.
0.5.13: Added explicit magnet name used when absent from URI.
0.5.12: Fix to work with 5711_B13+
0.5.11: Fix log not going to a file; Add 'group' to get-tag-list; Allow setting tag based on UID; Various compatibility fixes.
0.5.10: Compatability with 5701-B16+
0.5.9: Support for up-coming Android release.
0.5.8: Minor fix to search parameter parsing.
0.5.7: Support setting of display name; Fix free space calculation.
0.5.6: Return file priority and wanted details.
0.5.5: Remove common URL prefix to reduce network traffic.
0.5.4: Support receiving gzip.
0.5.3: Added initial category/tags parameters to the 'torrent-add' method.
0.5.1/2: Added support for better DND file information.
0.5.0: Added support for displaying subscription results.
0.4.9: Fix save location.
0.4.8: Minor fixes
0.4.7: Fix compact view.
0.4.6: Improved refresh behaviour after operations.
0.4.5: Support for adding search templates (as .vuze files)
0.4.4: Minor fixes.
0.4.2: Fix move operation.
0.4.1: Better magnet handling; fix open torrent file.
0.4: Lots of rework.
0.3.8: Fixed missing include.
0.3.7: Added 'move' operations; Updated to more recent version.
0.3.6: Few minor fixes.
0.3.5: Optimised 'recently active' torrent info RPC.
0.3.4: Fix bug that was preventing the addition of new access codes.
0.3.3: Added plugin view to allow connections to remote Vuze instances to be established and controlled.
0.3.2: Fix view switch after adding a download.
0.3.1: Various fixes, hopefully Windows Phone now working.
0.3.0: Major update to most things!
0.2.12: Fix issues with duplicate sequence ids; respect no-ads for Plus users.
0.2.11: Generate alerts if save-dirs not specified.
0.2.10: Added HTTP-GET access to RPC methods (e.g.
0.2.9: Added some additional methods.
0.2.8: Android fixes.
0.2.7: Fix to work with 4407 B06+.
0.2.6: More IE6 fixes.
0.2.5: Handle magnets properly.
0.2.4: Fix bug whereby multiple requests to add a torrent were being handled in parallel and causing issues.
0.2.3: Completed search.
0.2.2: Basic search.
0.2.1: IE6 fixes.
0.2: Added plugin version; quit auto-upload mode when setting up limit.
0.1.9: Support file priorities.
0.1.8: Update to more recent base.
0.1.7: Detect whether or not to show the logout button.
0.1.6: Fix logout button!
0.1.5: Added logout button.
0.1.4: Reworked UI and made unloadable. Requires 4307-B14.
0.1.3: Pairing support.
0.1.2: Initial release. Requires 4209-B12+
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