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I2P Helper v0.

Released on 2017-03-03, 7 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
This plugin has operating system specific versions available: Windows Mac OSX Linux etc.

Provides connectivity via the I2P network.
Supports downloading via the anonymous I2P network, see here for details.
This includes DHT support for decentralised tracking.

Supports anonymous chat when used in conjunction with the 'Message Sync' plugin

Java 1.7+ required
Version Info: Updated core to 0.9.29. Update to work with 5741_B16 Updated core to 0.9.28. Updated core to 0.9.27. Decreased default CPU throttle. Added DHT RTT display info. Update core to 0.9.26. Fix DHT views bridges. Subscription support. Support for DHT bridging. Update core to 0.9.26. Update core to 0.9.25. Update core to 0.9.24. Fix bug in floodfill check logic. Added negative dest lookup cache with backoff; floodfill checks. Tuned DHT parameters to reduce destination lookups. Update core to 0.9.23. Minor fixes Update core to 0.9.22. Added config options to disable various destinations. Update core to 0.9.21. Minor fixes. Mixed destination now 1 hop; tunnel quantities varied based on peer count; floodfill controls; increased share percentage. Better feedback for lookups. Support for separate destination based scraping. Mixed destination now 1 hop; floodfill disabled; share percentage increased; prevent unwanted pure destination initialization. Reduced default tunnel quantities and increase share percentage to try and diagnose I2P issues. Update core to 0.9.20. Increase default bandwidth limits when active peers. Additional work on seed. Updated for compatability with 5601_B30. Initial seed request logic. Updated core to 0.9.19. Extended DHT operations - requires 5601_B18+. Separate tunnel config options - requires 5601_B12+. Updated core to 0.9.19. Decreased tunnel length and quanitity to 2 temporarily to help the network as it updates to 0.9.19. Previous update broke tunnel settings. Update to allow the I2P router console to be used for an embedded router - see the wiki. Increased tunnel hop count from 2 to 3; Named the tunnels; Added tunnel hop/quantity config to plugin (advanced mode). Reduced throttle default and made an option. Added some CPU throttling while investigating load increase. Updated core to 0.9.18. Improved name resolution. Fix memory leak in UI. Handle explicit bind IPs in core. Fix up plugin detection. Support SOCKS forwarding. Included certificates as reseeding not working. Update core to
0.4.16: Language update; minor fixes.
0.4.15: Phase 2 done.
0.4.14: Improve DHT bootstrapping, phase 1.
0.4.13: Update core to 0.9.16.
0.4.12: Updated to work with core 5401_B31.
0.4.11: Fix the port used for alternative endpoints.
0.4.10: Fixed issue with end-point specific DHT views.
0.4.9: Added option to prevent embedded SOCKS server from delegating non-I2P addresses.
0.4.8: Fix to work with B22.
0.4.7: Fix to work with B21.
0.4.6: Allow external routers to work with SOCKS enabled.
0.4.5: Update core to 0.9.15.
0.4.4: Updated to work with Swarm Discoveries and DHT Feed plugins.
0.4.3: Updated to work with the Ratings plugin.
0.4.2: Option to hide status bar icon; ensure custom announce parameters are passed to tracker.
0.4.1: Separated destination lookup for low/high priority tasks; trim user-agent details
0.4.0: Start of extension work.
0.3.7: Update core to 0.9.14.
0.3.6: Fix NPE in status update.
0.3.5: Minor unloading fixes; use different peer id per download for mix/i2p.
0.3.4: Support to general DHT availability lookup.
0.3.3: Multiple DHT support.
0.3.2: Refresh expired tokens when storing; added destination-reset button.
0.3.1: Sign native DLLs to see if fixes virus warnings; various network fixes; disabled maggot protocol.
0.3.0: Update core to 0.9.13.
0.2.8: Support for webplugin services; bug fixes.
0.2.7: Various fixes.
0.2.6: Support for announce 'seed' and get_peers 'noseed' options.
0.2.5: Added ability to specify host for external I2P install.
0.2.4: Network mixing.
0.2.3: Better support for decentralised downloading.
0.2.2: Bug fixes.
0.2.1: Support for I2P torrents.
0.2.0: Added UI and switched to DHT implementation.
0.1.2: Version 0.1.1 was missing some classes.
0.1.1: Initial version
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