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3D View v0.4.1

Released on 2013-03-08, 9 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
This plugin has operating system specific versions available: Windows Mac OSX Linux etc.

Author: ,
3D View of the swarm.

Please use the plugin installation wizard to install from within Vuze (update to latest version if it doesn't appear on the list).
3D View
Version Info:
0.4.1: Updated libraries; improved rendering.
0.4.0: 64 bit support and updated libraries.
0.4.0: 64 bit support and updated libraries.
0.3.1: 08/06/04: Fixed config option.
0.3.0: 08/03/07: Fixed npe (connection error); More accurate display of peers and connections; All OS compatible!
0.2.2: 06/01/19: Fix to work with 2400.
0.2.1: 05/11/22: Added three rotation speeds (double-click).
0.2.0: 05/11/14: Smooth entry and filling up of peers.
0.1.1: Fix opengl.jar load.
0.1.0: Initial version.
Plugin Version Minimum Vuze Version Required