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Extra Downloading/Seeding Columns v1.3.4

Released on 2019-03-07, 5 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
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Adds several new columns to give additional downloading and seeding information.
  • Torrent Name - shows only torrent name instead full path to torrent like 'Torrent Location' column
  • SDone - % done out of files selected for download (of torrent) (works only while torrent is downloading)
  • Torrent Name
  • Remaining - bytes left uploading till a given share ratio(see 1.2.0 changes) is reached
  • Remaining %
  • ETA - upload time remaining till configured ratio is reached
Version Info:
1.3.4: Added columns to more tables.
1.3.3: Language update.
1.3.2: fixed SDone not showing % (Xyrio).
1.3.1: added column "Average download speed", added column "Average upload speed", improved sorting (Lunovus).
1.3.0: Added option for a list of ratios to be set, remaining showing values relative to next ratio in list; added target ratio column; added german localization; fixed sorting for seeding remaining % column (Lunovus)
1.2.9: Fixed upload ETA to be more accurate.1.2.8: Added remaining amount to remaining % tooltip and fixed upload Remaining/% calculation to be more accurate.
1.2.6: Fixed sort-order for SDone and ETA format.
1.2.4: Added column for showing percentage completion based on selected files, instead of complete torrent size; added missing resource bundle.
1.2.3: Fixed upload remaining amount to be calculated from downloaded amount rather than torrent size, and split remaining percent part into a new column.
1.2.2: Fixed share ratio time estimate bug.
1.2.1: Fixed sort order for upload ETA.
1.2.0 Bug fix, hopefully default colour are now correctly defaulted rather than all being set to Red.
- U/L Eta now uses same colours as U/L Remaining column
- Gui updated, now you can base the Ratio used by the U/L columns from the values located in the follow options.
- Tools --> Options --> Queue --> First Priority --> A Share Ratio Under [x]:1
- Tools --> Options --> Queue --> Ignore Rules --> Ignore torrents that have a ratio of [x]:1
- Manually Set ratio
Defaults to Ignore rules ratio.
1.1.1 U/L values now based on Tools --> Options --> Queue --> Ignore Rules --> Ignore torrents that have a ratio of `[x]`:1
- Bug fix with Torrentname being blank when Azureus auto updated by torrent downloads.
1.0 Initial version.
- U/L Eta Ratio hardcode to 1:1
- U/L Remaining Colours defaulted to ones in Tools--> Options --> Interface --> Display
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