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Measurement Lab (M-Lab) v0.2

Released on 2019-03-07, 5 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
This plugin has operating system specific versions available: Windows Mac OSX Linux etc.

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Internet measurement tools from M-Lab.
Measurement Lab (M-Lab) is an open platform for researchers to deploy Internet measurement tools. By enhancing Internet transparency, we aim to help sustain a healthy, innovative Internet - Learn more...
Version Info:
0.2: Shaper Probe no longer supported. Update to fix server issue.
0.1.9: Change progress indicator.
0.1.8: Reworked ShaperProbe logic.
0.1.7: Fixed to work on Linux.
0.1.6: Fixed dialog button order.
0.1.4: Updated wizard.
0.1.3: Added ShaperProbe to wizard.
0.1.2: Reworked to support wizard mode.
0.1.1: Initial release.
Plugin Version Minimum Vuze Version Required