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Mainline DHT v1.5.9

Released on 2019-03-07, 5 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
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Mainline DHT.
This is an implementation of the alternative DHT developed by the Mainline client.

For help with IPv6 see the Wiki

    Requires Java version 6.0 (also known as 1.6) or higher.
Version Info:
1.5.9: Use Vuze binding information when set.
1.5.8: Language update.
1.5.7: Status bar text internationalization.
1.5.6: Fix bug with the handling non-byte[] foreign tokens.
1.5.5: Fix NPE.
1.5.4: Bug fixes.
1.5.3: Alternative network support.
1.5.2: Updated translation.
1.5.0: Fixes around plugin unload.
1.4.8: Some optimizations around metadata downloads and initial announces.
1.4.6: Use core method to enumerate network interfaces for better performance.
1.4.5: Minor fixes to prevent errors during closedown.
1.4.4: Added code to reduce DNS hits on bootstrap when failing; tidied up events when no rpc server available. Fixed random bug; reduced info in status bar; don't auto-open plugin views. Fix rare case of 100% CPU use. Latest update. Experimental Support for BEP 33: DHT Scrapes Bug fix NPE.
1.3.3: Improved integration with the Sources View; Made transaction IDs and tokens less predictable; Reduce DNS lookups on bootstrap nodes; Improved DHT population estimation accuracy; Reduced traffic for repeat announces via caching; Eliminated possibly redundant entries in the database and in announces; Include IP and UDP headers in bandwidth calculations; Freeze routing table when a connection loss is detected. Reduced debug output; changed the boostrap node list. Don't send empty peer lists in get_peers replies. Improved handling of transient connection errors; Fixed get_peers not returning peers properly.
1.3.2: Added IPv6 bootstrap node (thx to jch); bugfixes.
1.3.1: Fix minor bugs and prepare for release. Fix issues with version number. Experimental IPv6 support.
1.2.6: Status listener wasn't updating correctly.
1.2.5: Fixed null-pointer exception.
1.2.4: Removed dependency on SWT when in console mode.
1.2.3: Improved logging and security measure to ensure only a destination replies to a message.
1.2.2: Support for clientversion extension from uT; tuned the Estimator; fixed the bucket filling bug.
1.2.1: ANNOUNCE_PEER requests are now correctly handled.
1.2.0: Fixed message/transaction ID to properly respond to other nodes extend it to a larger keyspace; send version (unofficial extension also used by uT); reduced number of concurrent ping-probes to questionable or potentially impersonated nodes; added new parsing method to support uTorrent style DHT GET_PEERS.
1.1.1: Re-open listen socket if closed by OS.
1.1.0: Prevent plugin from hanging Azureus startup; Option to bootstrap off connected peers.
1.0.0: First non-beta release. More bug fixes and mark as requiring Java 1.6, not 1.5. Improve bootstrap process. Previous version was missing resources. Fix UI repaint hang. More bug fixes. Bug fixes.
0.6.5: DHT size estimate; increase responsiveness; fixes.
0.6.0: Added status entry. Added task view. Improved routing, bootstrapping, save or routing table and bug fixes. Routing table view. UPnP port opening; fixed update bug. Fixed 100% CPU bug when announcing. Initial release.
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