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Internationalize Vuze v1.4.8

Released on 2017-01-19, 7 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
Author: ,
Modify/Create the Vuze language files.
See the readme.txt inside the jar (which is a zip file) for usage.
Please post any comments/suggestions/complaints to the Vuze Translation Forum
Version Info:
1.4.8: Ignore weird error with dictionaries failing to load.
1.4.7: Fixed multi-ref display bug; added message suffix ref display
1.4.6: Retain property ordering across updates.
1.4.5: Fix to work with 5601_B24+
1.4.4: Lauguage update; default for auto-downloading non-installed plugins for translation switched to false.
1.4.3: Language update.
1.4.2: Fixed hang during plugin unload.
1.4.1: Fixed deadlock in unload path.
1.4: Added spellchecker, translator, ability to translate non-installed plugins and other cool stuff.
1.3.1: Handle plugins with implicit names.
1.3: Improvements/Fixes from Repris d'injustice.
1.2.2: Fixed tree view so that nodes don't get repeated when case differs.
1.2.1: Fixed NPE on closedown.
1.2: New - Comments are shown and saved; New - Help button showing this file; Fix - Better handling of multi-lined resource values.
1.1: Filter
1.0: This is the previous version '20040315' renamed for consistency
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