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Dasu v5.31

Released on 2014-02-12, 10 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
ISP Performance Analyser.
Dasu is an experimental plugin that keeps you informed about your long term BitTorrent usage, the service you get from your ISP and how it compares to that of other ISPs in your area. Dasu lets you monitor the service you get from your ISP - from low level metrics like latency and bandwidth to higher-level information like DNS performance and download time to popular web sites. Dasu will also alert you of time-of-day variations on service and performance limitations imposed by your ISP on your BitTorrent transfers. Even better, by using information reported by other Dasu users (and users of other plugins from AquaLab), it lets you compare the performance you get from your ISP with that of other providers in your region so that you can make informed decisions. To help achieve all this Dasu constantly analyzes your network performance and combines this view with results from limited, light-weight experiments executed in a safe and contained manner to ensure limited impact on system performance.

For more information about Dasu click here.

Java 1.6 (6) or greater required.
Version Info:
5.31: Fixed high CPU and disk usage bug.
5.1: Last few fixes.
5.08: Bug fixes.
5.07: Fixed memory leak caused by SWT browser usage in the plugins page.
5.05: Bug fixes.
5.04: First release of reworked 5 series - new reporting engine!
4.11: Prevent loss of window focus on Windows during test execution.
4.10: Bug fixes!
4.02: Couple last bug fixes before going live.
4.01: Minor bug fixed from initial beta testing.
4.00: Latest evolution in Dasu.
3.02: Fix to run with
3.01: Bug fixes.
3.0: Major rewrite! Check it out.
2.02: Fix data collection bug.
2.01: Fix 4510 incompatability.
2.0: Detection of more types of interference.
1.0: Fixed a few final bugs before public release.
0.99: Fixed some bugs and updated with correct server urls.
0.96: Initial release.
Plugin Version Minimum Vuze Version Required