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Media Server Plugin v0.5.7

Released on 2017-01-19, 6 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
The Media Server Plugin provides a simple UPnP Media Server interface.
This allows conformant media renderers to stream content present in Azureus.
Version Info:
0.5.7: Less memory usage; faster lookups.
0.5.6: Fix IPv6 URLs.
0.5.5: Don't return default duration of '1 minute' if unavailable and let renderer figure it out.
0.5.4: Fixed classic UI issue causing content to be hidden when browsing the media server.
0.5.3: Added peekContentURL method to allow core to avoid blocking on getContentURL during initialization.
0.5.2: Added toolbar icons for local playback.
0.5.1: Improved local playback.
0.5.0: Fixed some issues with local playback.
0.4.11: Updated translation.
0.4.9: Remove migration code for id persistence.
0.4.8: Added tag options to mirror categories.
0.4.7: Added option to ignore main IP bind config.
0.4.6: Added mime types for .mts and .m2ts.
0.4.5: Fix sort order bug; update .eu translation
0.4.4: Fixed some binding issues.
0.4.3: Added option to prevent computer sleep while streaming.
0.4.2: Handle UPnP content port mapping when it is randomised.
0.4.1: Persist the default server name as perf issue with enumerating interfaces.
0.4.0: Fixed persistence of non-ascii named container ids.
0.3.9: Fixed bug in range-unsatisfiable response.
0.3.8: Added some more DLNA source protocols.
0.3.7: Fix synchronization.
0.3.6: Fix auth bug.
0.3.5: Added authentication to content port and UPnP support.
0.3.4: Added a download option.
0.3.3: Fix bind bug.
0.3.2: Added some DLNA protocol info for jpg,png,gif,mp3 and wma.
0.3.1: Use black-background jpgs for some devices.
0.3: Added some png icons.
0.2.30: Support samsung using absolute urls in GETs. Added more dlna for Sony Bravia support.
0.2.28: Some WMP support.
0.2.27: Added .m4v to mime map.
0.2.26: Added some boilerplate dlna headers.
0.2.24: Enabled the copy-stream-uri menu option for incomplete downloads.
0.2.23: Added hack to handle TiVo behaviour on stream complete.
0.2.22: Added plugin method to get content mime-type.
0.2.21: Added option to add suffix eta/percentage to incomplete files.
0.2.20: Support bind ips and fix 'prefer ipv6' binding bug.
0.2.19: Added ascending/descending sort order option.
0.2.18: Added date sort order; Basic category support for movies, music and pictures.
0.2.17: Added .vob mime-type.
0.2.16: Improve debug on failed HTTP gets.
0.2.15: OK, really fix it this time.
0.2.14: Remove debug spew and fix id allocation loop.
0.2.13: Fix browse bug; make container ids persistent
0.2.12: Added min stream speed option.
0.2.11: Fix premature threshold triggering when insufficient samples.
0.2.10: Added some rate limiting when excess overwrite detected.
0.2.9: Support keep-alive; added upload rate status.
0.2.8: Changed default http port; Added default sort.
0.2.7: Added IPC methods to support addition of content.
0.2.6: Browse callbacks.
0.2.5: Improve default name of server.
0.2.4: Fix up some bugs with plugin unloading.
0.2.3: Bit of XBox support.
0.2.2: Handle files larger than max integer bytes.
0.2.1: Close stream immediately to fix buffering issue.
0.2.0: Reduced memory usage.
0.1.9: Reduced some wait times; added diagnostic directory print.
0.1.8: Add to the music/movie/picture subcategories based on content; fix for PS3 empty folder error.
0.1.7: Security fix.
0.1.6: Fix bug with delayed content loading.
0.1.5: Make the plugin unloadable.
0.1.4: Fix bug with removal of content, name clashes and added option to turn of upnp component.
0.1.3: Fix to work with
0.1.2: Fixup context menus.
0.1.1: Force .asx files to WMP.
0.1: Initial version.
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