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Status Mailer v0.18

Released on 2013-05-25, 11 years ago.
Sends an email via SMTP when a download starts and/or completes.
Easy to add features, ask if you have any requests!
Version Info:
0.18: Added a no-proxy option.
0.17: Added magnet URI, torrent file details and ability to attach torrent file to emails.
0.14: Ignore low-noise downloads.
0.13: Delay sending of emails a little to allow category to be set on new downloads.
0.12: Added %c category substitution; include email-to field in substitutions.
0.11: Send email asynchronously to avoid blocking; added some IPC methods.
0.10: Added option to turn off mail server debug and defaulted to off.
0.9: Added torrent size parameter to messages (%s).
0.8: Notification of download addition and removal.
0.7: SSL support.
0.6.1: Re-organised language files.
0.6: Added parameterizable subject, content and added ratio-based sending.
0.4: Added option to send in plain text or HTML.
0.3: Added SMTP port, user and password. Needs CVS B18+.
0.2: Added support for download start notifications.
0.1: initial version.