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Message Sync Support v0.7.8

Released on 2019-03-07, 4 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
Provides a message synchronization service.
This is a core support plugin.

Java 1.6+ required
Version Info:
0.7.8: Added a link to the wiki 'help' page to the channel join message.
0.7.7: Updated dump command
0.7.6: Fix to work with 5711_B13+
0.7.5: Fix NPE
0.7.4: Increased minimum supported protocol version; reduced DHT lookups for active channels.
0.7.3: Ensure some fairness in synchronization when overloaded.
0.7.2: Limit synchronization thread concurrency
0.7.1: Prevent old message replay.
0.7.0: Fixup edge-case in msg-seen handling.
0.6.9: Prevent unnecessary sync of expired messages.
0.6.8: Added msg stats to status.
0.6.7: Minor fixes.
0.6.6: Better message persistence.
0.6.5: Improve tunneling.
0.6.4: Handle corrupted contacts better.
0.6.3: Network compression and some flood fixes.
0.6.2: Increased max msg size a bit.
0.6.1: Added peek support; minor bug fixes.
0.6.0: Added some flood detection.
0.5.9: Fixed bug with deleted message removal.
0.5.8: Support local message injection.
0.5.7: Fix message timestamp wrap around.
0.5.6: Support for persisting messages.
0.5.5: Drop support for version 1 format.
0.5.4: Fix duplicate message issue.
0.5.3: Performance and connectivity improvements.
0.5.2: Handle NPE better.
0.5.1: Some internationalization.
0.5: Fix private chat.
0.4.10: Migration complete.
0.4.9: Initial support for read-only and managed channels; migration phase 2.
0.4.8: Added general message protection; migration phase 1.
0.4.7: Reverted to using shared identity for anonymous chats due to reliability issues under investigation.
0.4.6: Various fixes.
0.4.5: Separate identity for anonymous chats.
0.4.4: Better support for private messaging.
0.4.3: Various improvements and fixes.
0.4.2: Fixed message ordering.
0.4.1: Persist keys by default.
0.4: Better handling of message expiry.
0.3: More fixes and stats.
0.2: Extended IPC; Various fixes.
0.1: Initial version
Plugin Version Minimum Vuze Version Required