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Lockr v0.12

Released on 2010-07-08, 13 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
Lockr: restricting access to your content with social torrents.
Lockr enables secure sharing of content in BitTorrent. To secure your content, you convert your torrent to a social torrent. With Lockr, you need to install LockrCenter to your Facebook account and issue passes to your friends. With Lockr passes, your friends can access your social torrents. Lockr uses cryptographic protocols to ensure that passes cannot be stolen, forged, or duplicated. For more information on Lockr, please visit

Requires Java 5 (1.5)+ and Vuze
Version Info:
0.12: Update to latest version.
0.1: Initial version.
Plugin Version Minimum Vuze Version Required