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Azureus HTML WebUI Beta (Unstable) v1.0.2

Released on 2019-03-07, 5 years ago.
Author: ,
A remote control interface in HTML and Javascript.
Allows all Azureus usual commands:
  • Add local torrent / url
  • (Force)Start/Stop torrents
  • Set/Remove categories
  • Publish/Host on the Azureus tracker
  • Remove torrent, delete torrent...
  • Set speeds and number of connections

Default port is 6886.
Default download dir must be configured (to load torrents)

(0.5.0+)Pages can be customised by extracting them from the plugin JAR file and placing them in a directory called "htmlwebui" under the Azureus user-data directory.
Example: place your own "index.tmpl" or "styles/theme.css" in the "htmlwebui" directory

Some rework was done on the original Azureus HTML Web UI plugin but unfortunately the developer (Gouss) never quite got around to releasing it. The result is this separate plugin.
Please feel free to take it over and fix it up/extend it!
Version Info:
1.0.2: First release of beta code as separate plugin