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Azureus HTML WebUI v0.7.7

Released on 2019-03-07, 5 years ago.
Author: ,
A remote control interface in HTML and Javascript.
Allows all Azureus usual commands:
  • Add local torrent / url
  • (Force)Start/Stop torrents
  • Set/Remove categories
  • Publish/Host on the Azureus tracker
  • Remove torrent, delete torrent...
  • Set speeds and number of connections

Default port is 6886.
Default download dir must be configured (to load torrents)

(0.5.0+)Pages can be customised by extracting them from the plugin JAR file and placing them in a directory called "htmlwebui" under the Azureus user-data directory.
Example: place your own "index.tmpl" or "styles/theme.css" in the "htmlwebui" directory
Version Info:
0.7.7: 14/06/23: Launguage update; Unstable beta version moved to separate plugin.
0.7.6: 07/01/25: Priorities on files and categories change in ajax.
0.7.4: 06/11/24: More options. Several torrent/url uploads at a time.
0.7.2: 06/09/05: Torrent Details page by David M.
0.7.0: 06/08/11: New CSS support.
0.6.5: 06/07/10: Search. Magnet. Pause/Resume. New theme.
0.6.2: 06/01/21: Fix upload local torrent.
0.6.1: 06/01/19: Internationalisation, relative links, escaped chars.
0.6.0: 05/11/03: Added "completed" (stopped seeds) tab option.
0.5.0: 05/11/02: Added pages customization possibility
0.4.0: 05/10/27: Added "View Only" mode options.
0.3.0: Added "when only seeding" options.
0.2.0: Added uploaded/downloaded columns. Improved upload path for torrents.
0.1.0: Initial release for testing.