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Vuze Feature Manager v1.3

Released on 2019-03-07, 5 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
Normally installed via auto-update.
This plugin manages the installation of features.
Version Info:
1.3.2: Remove use of deprecated API.
1.3.1: Update translation.
1.3: Added proxy fallback for connections.
1.2: Improve error messaging for missing/disabled plugins.
1.1.1: Fixed encoding bug in 1.1 and added retry-count.
1.1: Added feature types to update params.
1.0.2: Ensure logging is enabled when we have licences.
1.0.1: Use correct Vuze build version.
1.0.0: Report create error and bump version.
0.2.8: Added more diagnostics.
0.2.7: Normalise keys.
0.2.5: Take shared licence write off main thread.
0.2.4: Ensure copy of licence passed to initial add callback.
0.2.3: Signing error.
0.2.2: Improve error reporting.
0.2.1: Remove debug.
0.2: Simple UI for testing.
0.1.6: Report failures better.
0.1.5: Fix reporting of installation-complete event.
0.1.4: Installation start callback.
0.1.2: Added fingerprint and fixed a few bugs.
0.1.1: Fix NPE.
0.1: 2010-02-22: Initial release.
Plugin Version Minimum Vuze Version Required