We've just launched a new Vuze client for users of Classic Azureus

Read more at blog.vuze.com


There are at least three great reasons to upgrade to Vuze 4:

  • Client Redesign
    • The Classic interface has inspired our design, and is now front-and-center
    • We've improved on the Classic Interface, with intuitive controls and streamlined navigation
    • Vuze 4 has all the powerful features and plugins that Azureus was always known for
  • Tracker Site Meta-Search
    • We've built meta-search functionality into the client that searches popular tracker sites
    • You can add templates to enable meta-search of your favorite trackers
    • Vuze now offers login support for private tracker sites
  • Subscription Functionality
    • You can now request that specific content be sent to you automatically
    • Just look for the Subscriptions button in the following places:
      1. In your library
      2. In your Sidebar (create your own subscriptions)
      3. In your search results
      4. In the Vuze HD Network