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Name Version Installer Manual Download Source Author Contact
AzSMRC - Multiuser Remote Control1.0.0OMSchaub & Damokles
Author's Description
AzSMRC is a two part remote control and multi-user system for Azureus.
With AzSMRC, you can have several people using a single installation of Azureus at one time. Even if you do not want multiple users for Azureus, AzSMRC is the most complete remote control system for Azureus to date.

You must download and install the remote client too.

Please refer to the plugin home page for more details.

Requires Azureus running with the latest SWT update on Java 5 or higher.
You will need to restart Azureus on a fresh install.
Please delete old libraries from the plugin directory.
Version Info
1.0.0: Many new features and bug fixes: see the change log.
0.9.9. Please see the change-log for full details!.
0.9.8: Initial release.