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Rating1.5.15Olivier Chalouhi & TuxPaper
Author's Description
Lets users rate and comment on torrents.
This plugin supports a global ratings and comments system. Users can set their own rating and comment for a torrent and read other's submissions.
Details are stored within the DHT - there is no central repository of information. Consequently the information displayed is not in any way under the control of Vuze.
Version Info
1.5.16: Tag swarm merge messages correctly.
1.5.15: Behave better when the related content manager is unavailable.
1.5.14: Backed-off message writes further to reduce duplicates. Switched some default configs.
1.5.12: Re-seeding was still too sensitive to stalls so backed off yet further.
1.5.11: More tweaks.
1.5.10: Made re-seed check less sensitive.
1.5.9: Ensure that interesting messages request attention.
1.5.8: Fixed diagnostics format.
1.5.6/7: Added some diagnostics.
1.5.5: Improved messaging.
1.5.4: Added detection of alternates.
1.5.3: Added some stall detection.
1.5.2: Slight tweak to timeouts.
1.5.1: Prioritise hash based lookups.
1.5: Initial messaging integration.
1.4.7: Added IPC to support swarm discoveries' network specific ratings lookup. Requires 5401_B11+
1.4.6: Fix to work with non-public networks. Requires 5401_B09+
1.4.5: Only support public networks.
1.4.4: Updated translation.
1.4.3: Refactored to separate UI classes more; added IPC method for direct hash based lookup.
1.4.2: Fixed middle-click rating setting in library views and noted this feature in tooltip for column.
1.4.1: DHT logic rewritten; made unloadable.
1.4.0: Add rating column to more tables.
1.3.1: Fixed to prevent values larger than 5.0.
1.3: Smaller stars, middle click on table cell sets personal rating, double Click on table cell opens rating window. More tooltip information (# of comments, personal rating). Line under stars to indicate personal rating.
1.2: Better integration with DHT Activity reports
1.1: Removed debug output
1.0: Initial test version

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