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Command Runner1.3.1Allan Crooks
Author's Description
Run a configurable command on the completion of a download.
Allows a configurable and parameterised command to be run when a download completes.

Requires Java version 5.0 (also known as 1.5) or higher.
Version Info
1.3.1: Pass tag name(s) (, separated if > 1) as %L if no category.
1.3: Added %L - Torrent Category/Label,%T - Tracker Name, %I - hex encoded info-hash, %K - kind of torrent (single|multi)
1.2: Add option to test command to run, and change how new processes are created (might solve some problems running batch files).
1.1.1: Made Java 5.0 (1.5) compliant.
1.1: Added option to set command to run for newly added downloads.1.0: Initial release.

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