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Distributed Database Trusted Feed0.3.10Parg
Author's Description
The Distributed Database Trusted Feed supports the publishing of, and subscription to, content.
This plugin allows the publishing of, and subscription to, a feed of varying content who's authenticity is verified against the feed's certificate.
The feed's content can be specified by arbitrary local file or URL's content.
For example, it could be an RSS feed.
The subscribed content is made available via a local network socket, thus allowing, for example, a browser or RSS feed reader to consume it.

See the Wiki for more information.
Version Info
0.4.1: Minor fixes.
0.4.0: Support for non-public networks.
0.3.10: Language update.
0.3.9: Language update.
0.3.8: Fixed publish downloads to be low-noise.
0.3.7: Minor improvements.
0.3.4: Subscribe as needed for azplug feeds.
0.3.3: Support azplug URL protocol.
0.3.2: Bug fixes.
0.3.1: Content-type support and bug fixes.
0.3: Added option to restrict subscription output to localhost clients (default=true); prevent subscription download of partially complete content.
0.2: Few bug fixes and improvements.
0.1: Initial version.

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