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Swarm Discoveries0.5Vuze
Author's Description
Swarm Discoveries and Search
See the Wiki for details.
Version Info
0.5.2: Fix inability to re-open views for same search after closing them.
0.5.1: Added tag-lookup menu item.
0.5: Direct access to search-by-expression.
0.4.18: Allows networks to be provided for size based lookups.
0.4.17: Menu tweaks.
0.4.16: Get subscription search working again.
0.4.15: Added tags to generated magnets.
0.4.13: Added networks column; various network-specific fixes.
0.4.12: Updated translation.
0.4.11: Added min-size filter.
0.4.10: Updated translation.
0.4.9: Extended rpc with enable/disable and filtering options.
0.4.8: Added JSON rpc for future use by other plugins.
0.4.6/7: Fixed up selection bug causing loss of focus.
0.4.5: 5101_B27+ - Fixed up some subscription handling.
0.4.4: Better magnet URIs
0.4.3: Fix animations not working.
0.4.2: Disposal check; tidied up rating info.
0.4.1: Added ratings columns - requires ratings plugin to be installed.
0.4.0: Moved sidebar location.
0.3.10: Fixed up progress indicator.
0.3.9: Added file size based discoveries.
0.3.8: Added discoveries tab to details view and library tab views
0.3.7: Fixed sidebar entry closed-state not being remembered.
0.3.6: Moved location in side bar; added tags column.
0.3.5: Remember selection when switching away from and back to view
0.3.4: Fix bug that removed context menus.
0.3.3: Added some IPC methods.
0.3.2: Patch surrogate for SSL trust store issue.
0.3.0: Tracker sources Added related by file size.
0.1.9: Added rank controls to results.
0.1.8: Added right-click option to look up by explicit hash.
0.1.7: Added menu option to library New views.
0.1.6: Added icons to menus.
0.1.4/5: Added hash search and fixed a few bugs.
0.1.3: Set initial column sort; ensure search provider registered before UI attach when enabled.
0.1.2: Added info bar and made filters expandable.
0.1.1: Initial version

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