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Speed Scheduler1.6.2David Smith
Author's Description
Schedule your upload and download speeds based on time and day of week.
SpeedScheduler is an Azureus plugin for managing upload and download speeds on a schedule. Many ISPs (mine included) regulate how much their users can download/upload, but those regulations are typically on a schedule. In my case, there is no limit to the amount I can download between the hours of 12 midnight and 7am on weekdays, so I wanted Azureus to work with that schedule, setting slow speeds during the day, and fast speeds during the night. SpeedScheduler does that for you. See Home Page & FAQ
Version Info
1.6.2: Added config option to switch from using Categories to Tags.
1.6.1: Language update.
1.6.0: Add support for auto-speed and bring back support for Azureus 2.5. Thanks to Joe Bryant!
1.5.2: Fix failure to close file bug.
1.5.1: Remove use of deprecated APIs.
1.5: Fix Vista file access bug.
1.4: Category scheduling support - thanks to Luke Hovington.
1.3.2: Timezone bug fixes - thanks to jgeorge.
1.3.1: Fix for XML parser bug that sometimes occurs with Java 1.6 Update 1.
1.3: Bug fixes.
1.2: New graphical config, link to FAQ, fixed SAX bug.
1.1: Separate pause for seeding and downloading torrents.
1.0.1: Bug fix for OSX users.
1.0: Various improvements.
0.9.1: Updated to work with JRE 1.5(5.0)
0.9: Improvements and fixes!
0.8: XML schedule storage, enable/disable schedules, new icons + bug fixes.
0.7: Bug fix for 0.6.
0.6: Can now turn it on/off; shows currently active schedule; few bug fixes.
0.5: remembers which torrents its has starts and which ones you have
0.4: Manage upload speeds, download speeds, or pause transfers altogether on a schedule.
0.3: initial CVS version.

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