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Ono v2.3

Released on 2011-11-07, 11 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
This is an experimental plugin that uses CDN redirection information to identify nearby peers and potentially accelerate downloads.

Please see here for details.

NOTE: AquaLab collects statistics to help them analyse/improve the performance of the plugin, please see the disclaimer for details.

Java 5+ required.
Version Info:
2.3: Refactoring in preparation for next major release; fixed some compatability issues with latest Vuze version.
2.2: Fixed compatability issues and added notification system.
2.1.6: Fixed DNS bug.
2.1.2: Bug fix.
2.1.1: Restored Java 1.5 compatability.
2.1: Moved to a plain SWT UI.
2.0.1: Fix UI issues with latest Vuze.
2.0: New positioning system added; much more efficient DNS interaction; many bug fixes.
1.9.10: Fix to make work with 4300.
1.9.9: Switch to latest version of dnsjava.
1.9.8: Fixed build error in 1.9.7 that meant new code not included.
1.9.7: Bug fixes and faster closedown.
1.9.4: Remove corrupt stream debug spew.
1.9.3: Manual peer biasing. See here for details; Fixed options window disappearing; Various bug fixes.
1.8.8: Make java 1.5 (5) compliant again.
1.8.7: Fix to work with 4.0.
1.8.6: Fix reload fail after update bug.
1.8.5: Reduced latency probe frequency.
1.8.4: Remove debug.
1.8.3: Bug fixes.
1.8.2: Fixes to avoid potential initialisation race conditions.1.8.1: Bug fix new tracker code.
1.8: New tracker support for Ono, currently works with modified opentracker; New Dutch translation (by JetfighterNL, also thanks to others who submitted); Bug fixes for stats reporting.
1.7.1: Grab Vivaldi V2 coordinates.
1.7: Compression of statistics reporting means less overhead for you; numerous bug fixes.
1.6.3: New translation and bug fixes.
1.6.2: Happy new year bug fixes.
1.6.1: Fixed CPU utilisation issue.
1.6.0: Internationalisation (thanks to MCbx, FragLimiT, Dave Choffnes, Fabian Bustamante, Sidney D, Giorgi R); Adaptive lookups; Improved stats reporting.
1.5.10: Fixed Linux initialisation bug.
1.5.9: Reduce maximum concurrent pings to more sensible value.
1.5.8: Fixed bug in trace-route code that was producing incorrect metrics.
1.5.7: More bug fixes!.
1.5.6: Bug fixes!.
1.5.5: Configurable number of pings to perform at once (for those with CPU problems); bug fixes.
1.5.2: Bug fixes and improved closedown behaviour.
1.5: Fixed deadlock scenarios for statistics reporting; re-added view of CDNs to the Ono view; various other bug fixes and robustness.
1.4: Initial version released on SourceForge.
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