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Location Provider v0.1.7.7

Released on 2017-02-24, 7 years ago.
Requires Vuze or higher.
Provides location features to Vuze (e.g. peer's country code).
Various parts of Vuze benefit from being able to display location details about a peer (for example, the swarm view will show county flags for peers when this plugin is installed).
This plugin provides these kind of services to Vuze.

This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from

Serbian and Montenegro flag icons obtained from
Version Info: DB updated - Feb 2017 DB updated - Oct 2016 DB updated - Apr 2016. DB updated - Jan 2016. DB updated - Oct 2015. DB updated - Jun 2015. DB updated - Feb 2015. DB updated - Jan 2015. DB updated - Nov 2014. DB updated - Sept 2014. DB updated - July 2014. DB Updated - June 2014. DB Updated. DB Updated. DB Updated; Surrogate for OSX Mavericks App Nap preventer patch.
0.1.6: Fix for default save location being created as a file rather than folder.
0.1.5: DB Updated; Georgian flag updated from
0.1.4: DB Updated; Montenegro flag added from
0.1.3: DB Updated; Use your own flag icons by placing them in 'images/18x12/.png' and 'images/25x15/.png' (e.g. us.png) in the plugin directory.
0.1.2: DB Updated; Serbian flag added from; versioned MaxMind db files
0.1.1: DB Updated.
Plugin Version Minimum Vuze Version Required