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Jython Plugin v0.6.5

Released on 2010-07-08, 14 years ago.
Embedded Jython interpreter.
Useful for debugging during development, and will eventually provide an environment to make it easy to write scripts for Azureus.
Jython Plugin
Version Info:
0.6.5: 17/09/08 - Various usability improvements.
0.6: 15/04/08 - Automatically download, install and configure jython; fix GUI bug.
0.5: 25/02/07 - Ability to run Python scripts manually as well as on Azureus startup.
0.4: 08/01/07 - Multi-line text entry support added, various utility functions now available to interpreters, interpreter window output is now coloured and styled.
0.3: 07/12/06 - Initial version.