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RSS Import v2.2.2

Released on 2010-07-08, 14 years ago.
This plugin reads an rss feed and imports the torrent files into azureus, according to the filters you set.
You have to provide:
  1. The URL(s) of the RSS feed(s) (.xml, .php...) (if several, separate by ;).
  2. The filters:
    • "music;hdtv" for instance will look for any torrent from the feed mentioned above with either "music" or "hdtv" in it,
    • "" : the dot replaces any letter, "freedom", "freepom" etc. will match,
    • "trailer.*hdtv" : .* replaces any number of letters. "trailer.spiderman.hdtv" will work...
  3. The auto-check time interval

Be sure and do this first:
  • Enable logging in Azureus config (for possible bugs tracking)
  • Make sure you have a default download directory selected
Go to Configuration > Plugins and set the options.
Version Info:
2.2.2: Removed use of deprecated methods.
2.2.1: Support for self-signed ssl certificates.
2.2 NEW: History Setting: Activate it will store all added torrents (url) to the config file if a torrent will be found again it will not be added a second time
2.1 BUG: Somehow the case-sensitiv was reactivated in 2.0. Hopefully it now stays case-insensitiv. BUG: you had to add .* in front and back. I have changed it, too. The plugin will add .* to the test if it is missing. NEW: added a timeout setting. If the server with the rss feed is to slow it will not wait infinite for the response. NEW: added a 'fast check' setting. If it is set, the plugin will not connect to the server to check if the link is a torrent (it is faster, but links like http://torrents.unknown/server?torrentid=2346278467823 will not be recognized as a torrent)
2.0: Smaller, faster and better!.
1.1: CVS version.
1.0: version.